10 11 2017

2017 brought new trends, expectations and options and today, companies have more options to consider before adopting a new strategy for their business as well as their ERP systems. In the recent years, in addition to the forecasts made before, it has become evident that in order to meet the demands of the customers, companies should adopt a more technology-oriented approach. And from the experience gained in 2016, it seems that cloud systems, mobile access, and ERP capabilities will be at the forefront in 2017. Here are some of the trend forecasts for 2017:

Cloud Solutions for Flexibility

Use of the cloud systems will be very essential for companies in 2017. Despite bringing many new decisions along with it such as either using customized cloud systems or integrating company’s own ERP systems or building a new one, cloud systems offer an effective flexibility and recovery option in an emergency situation. Although using a Cloud ERP is cost effective and fast to implement, in the long run, it may be more expensive than using an On-Premise ERP.

Rise of the Machines – Industry 4.0

Today’s companies have a variety of tools to use at their disposal. Another forecast is, with technology advancing every day, in 2017 companies may increasingly use and benefit from new systems and technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics. In the Industry 3.0, ERP systems and machine control were two different things. But with the Industry 4.0, ERP capabilities have evolved into a whole different level. In the Industry 4.0, machines, MES, ERP are all connected together and have the capability to interoperate.

Fully Synched and Mobile

ERP Systems has many features for companies today. Mobile access is another helpful feature for companies, with the help of mobile access, companies can complete tasks such as syncing data with their ERP and accessing sales analytics on the go. In addition to these benefits, mobile ERP will increase the response time. Being free, mobile and taking the control without having any boundaries will give you competitive advantage since everything is on the tip of your finger.

Digital Transformation

With the digital transformation, companies will have more and newer options available. Companies will have a variety of integration tools and solutions to use and will extend their possibilities with various tools such as eCommerce and business intelligence systems rather than relying on the traditional ERP software.

New Choices to Consider – IoT

Companies today have even more applicable software alternatives and devices than they had in the past years. With the arrival of 2017, companies have many new, different ERP systems to choose from. Aside from the new technologies used such as mobility and cloud, the IoT — Internet of Things will also open new doors and increase the potential of companies. A network of connected devices will let customers gain an insight into their products and problems and with the help of sensors and devices, all connected together, companies will be aware of a possible malfunction and collect data. Moreover, IoT will also help companies to learn about customer behavior by collecting data from products.

Security Challenge

It’s true that all the advancements and new systems will make things easier for companies in 2017, but they will also bring new security threats and vulnerabilities which should be addressed by companies critically before it’s too late.

As seen from the forecasts, in addition to exciting innovations and improvements for the ERP systems with new technologies, 2017 will undoubtedly bring many new options to consider for companies as well.