Supplier’s Portal

Online collaboration with all your trading partners!

Provide your suppliers with visibility and communicate with them the status of your operations. Greatly reduce the time-consuming phone tag and searching for documents rampant in traditional systems.
Ionycs White provides a website for your suppliers, providing online self-service on a whole range of enquiries—such as open orders, part information, and access to invoice and payment history. This is one way to reduce or eliminate time spent on enquiries that come in via email, phone, or fax, and can significantly increase the amount of time workers have to spend on other tasks.

This module creates a more seamless relationship between you and your suppliers and allows your business to react much more quickly and accurately to any change of circumstances.
Give your suppliers the ability to review purchase orders, update their own (supplier) data, review product receipts to generate invoices, and upload and maintain a product catalog. Ionycs White Suppliers portal lets you collaborate with or notify a supplier, and also lets you upload requests for quotation (RFQs) and allow suppliers to respond to them. Ionycs White users can review, confirm, and reject purchase orders, and can view confirmed orders.

Main features:

-   Dedicated portal
-   Request for quotations
-   Supplier selection process
-   Automatic supplier notification
-   Supplier portal for submittals
-   Order placement
-   Order tracking
-   Full integration

Get full control over current & future costs!