Advanced Reporting

Create advanced custom reports for every area of your business effectively!

See the health of your company at a glance. Spot good and bad trends quickly, so that you can take action right away.
Ionycs White offers a collection of reporting to make your job easier and more productive.

Delivering a successful business intelligence implementation can be transformational when it comes to enterprise reporting in your organization. Ionycs White gives business users self-serve reporting to empower faster, more accurate decision-making and the ability to steer the business with agility. A single version of the truth – stemming from a well-designed database – reduces conflict and errors. Hours of manual work producing Excel spreadsheets is lowered to the minimum.

Ionycs White comes with a complete set of standard reports to display summarized data in a variety of views. Reports can provide information from the point of view of departments, selected account classes, and other dimensions. It also provides the ability to pull information from different areas of the software to customize virtually any report customers or management may want.

Main Features:

-   Business-enhancing Drill-down Reports
-   Exception Reports (Cross Filters)
-   Custom Summary Formulas
-   Analytical Snapshots
-   Historical Trend Reporting
-   Rich Visualizations

Get full control over current & future costs!