Banks and Checks

"Get it in writing" before lending products or services to anyone!

Ionycs White Banks and Checks Module allows you to manage your different bank accounts and track the different types of credit instruments such as Post-dated checks and their corresponding status, from initial generation or receipt through to clearance or settlement.

Moreover, track the movements of the payment instruments and generate status change updates within the Accounts Payable and Receivable applications. These changes can be reflected in the General Ledger to properly record the financial status of the asset or liability.

Also, by using this module, you can track how your customer credit is maintained through the life of the payment instrument reflecting the available credit based on the status and final settlement of the payment instrument. By using Ionycs White Banks and Checks Module, you can be assured that complex settlement-related taxes are correctly handled when payment is made via payment instruments.

Main Features:

-   Check management
-   Check types
-   Check transfers
-   Post-dated checks status
-   Checks printout templates

Get full control over current & future costs!