About Us

Welcome to Ionycs!

Ionycs s.a.l. is a leading provider of ERP software solutions and services, enterprise and mobile information technology solutions, and operations consulting services. We provide our clients with software development and turnkey project execution, as well as developing scalable web and mobile applications. We help customers improve their operational efficiency and their bottom line through operations consulting and business process re-engineering services.
Ionycs brings the unique perspective of IT experts with international experience and local know-how. We analyze your requirements for a wide range of solutions, and we build or provide you with off-the-shelf ERP Software Solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions and services include:

1- Ionycs White; an Off-the-shelf ERP Software Solution:

Ionycs White is divided into two major categories:
-   Basic Modules
-   Additional Modules

The Basic Modules
Packaged into one of the following three editions:
-   Essential Edition for Startups
-   Expert Edition for small to mid-size companies
-   Enterprise Edition for mid to large size companies
Whether Essential, Expert, or Enterprise, Ionycs White gives you access to the basic modules needed to conduct business efficiently. These modules come with a wide range of settings & customizations to make sure that the system operates based on your business needs.

Following is a list of modules handed over with the basic license of Ionycs White:
-   Accounting and Finance
-   Inventory and Services
-   Sales Management
-   Purchase Management
-   Production Management
-   Banks and Checks
-   Human Resources
-   Payroll
-   Customer Services
-   Communication Management
-   Quality Management
-   Tasks Management
-   Audit and Governance
-   BI Tools & Analytics

Additional Modules
Ionycs White gives you the option to select & add from a list of additional modules that would all work in harmony based on the requirements of your business. Every additional module is priced separately and the upgrade for the selected modules may occur at any point even with an already functioning version of Ionycs White:
-   Fixed Assets
-   Retail Management
-   Warehouse Management
-   Project Management
-   Property Management
-   Facility Management
-   Content Management System
-   Ecommerce
-   Suppliers’ Portal
-   Helpdesk Portal
-   Enterprise Mobile Applications

2- Custom Development:

Custom development projects include software engineering, software quality assurance, documentation, and technical support.
Mobile Application Development
Ionycs provides customers with mobile applications design and development services. Our team develops enterprise mobile applications for a variety of touch and keypad devices running on iOS and Android platforms.
Website Development
We provide customers with website design and development services. Our specialized team of designers and developers are available to help you improve your web presence and increase your corporate awareness.

3- Business Analysis and Consulting

Ionycs offers operations consulting services focused on diagnosing organizational issues, identifying problems, and advising clients on the best ways to manage and improve their business operations and business performance.

Our consultants will advise you on business operations redesign that will help you implement effective business strategies. Moreover, we monitor and recommend organizational and operational enhancements. Through our thorough understanding of the business and technology interconnection, we help you lead a sustainable operational change. Throughout conducting business analysis and consulting, we commit to achieving measurable results.

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