Ionycs White is head and shoulders above the rest. We call it our secret weapon!
Behind this practical and customized software is a fully devoted team of passionate and experienced technicians, developers and consultants who work extremely hard to ensure the success of our business.
From pre-development to implementation and after-sales, the team showed high customer service standards, professionalism and competence which will propel them and their clients to greater heights of achievement.


Ionycs White is a highly recommended software.
It allowed us to switch from our previous systems, and provided us with a new, customized, user friendly, fast, and innovative one.
From development, implementation, to after sales, Ionycs team was always present to assist us.
We can definitely say that we have made the right choice.

Injaz Holding

This is to acknowledge the effort and support Ionycs has given us since August 2015, by switching over from our past accounting program to Ionycs White, which has proven to date as being malleable & user-friendly program.
Ionycs assisted us in setting up the new system with due diligence and professionalism. We wish Ionycs all the best and success in the coming years.


Ionycs White is a highly recommended software.
Ionycs White software is very practical, user friendly and has every feature our company needs from accounting to stock management.
The approach towards the clients, the support, the professionalism and the passion they have is one of their biggest advantage at Ionycs.
Continuously improving and releasing new updates and new versions taking into account our requests.

Feghaly Engineering and Contracting S.A.R.L.

After buying out multiple softwares, we have finally stumbled upon the one that suits us most: Ionycs White. This software is user friendly, easy to maintain and highly efficient. The team behind it is composed of young yet experienced technicians and programmers who are just a phone call away from providing support.

Off Limits Off Road

"Quality of work, the professional team is why I chose to work with Ionycs. Very organized, and very friendly. The whole experience from implementation to after sales has been great and extremely efficient."
"I love great customer service. Keep it up guys, it was a pleasure experiencing your service."