Retail Management

Promote greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers.

Ionycs White provides retail software solutions to businesses in a variety of industries including those specializing in apparel, pet products, gifts, novelties, FMCG, and many more. Retailers using Ionycs White provide a more relevant and personalized customer experience while streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, better managing suppliers and stock, speeding fulfillment, and improving customer service.
Whether you operate as a franchise, corporate store, outlet, or multi-subsidiary retailer, Ionycs White Retail Management is the best fit for your business.


Ionycs White for Retail enables retailers to configure the application as per their needs. Retailers can add new channels, geographies, business models, and brands. The software provides real-time insights into customer behavior, sales, inventory, and financials. The order management system allows retailers to run "buy anywhere", "fulfill anywhere", and "return anywhere" functionality. Ionycs White Retail Management offers a data analytics application that tracks hourly sales, order history, payment summaries, product mix, and sales summaries and presents the data in reports and graphs. Other features include managing loyalty programs and gift cards, mobile ordering, and barcode support.
The software has an ability to modify and add new capabilities into the system as the retailer business grows and expands into new segments.


Ionycs White Point of Sale (POS) is designed to empower your organization with the ability to exceed expectations, extending the power of your Ionycs White solution to a customer-facing sales environment. Ionycs White provides POS solutions to organizations with a single POS station to large, multinational chains with hundreds of stores. Ionycs White POS is a feature-rich store system that empowers store personnel to provide enhanced customer experience. Comprehensive functionality includes electronic gift cards, gift receipting, customized receipt per transaction type, coupon redemption/issuance, special orders, suspend and resume, item marking for various functions, additional input fields, multicurrency, start/end of day functions, cash management, electronic scale integration, barcode and credit card scanners, a staff time clock, age verification, and the ability to discount items or void transactions, and many more.

Main features:

-   Customer database
-   Discount management
-   Gift card management
-   Multi-location
-   Returns management
-   Loyalty points
-   Gift cards
-   Coupon redemption
-   Order management
-   Delivery management
-   Item substitution
-   Cash management

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