after sales

Job Opportunities

Job brief

We are looking for an After-Sales Customer Support specialist to be responsible for Customer Support, Business Enhancement, and System Implementation for our clients.

Key Responsibilities

Customer Support:
•   Document, track, and monitor client inquiries and issues in a detailed manner to ensure a timely resolution
•   Provide expert assistance to customers. Resolve customer accounting and technical issues. Review case details
•   Provide support to customers via email, telephone, or remote connection. Answer incoming calls and open cases, identifying customers, populating case details, and confirming accuracy of data
•   Troubleshoot at client site
•   Regular preventive maintenance site visits
•   Efficiently isolate customer issues to product/service and follow through resolution coordination with internal teams
•   Prioritize and solve complex product/service issues based on established processes and workflows, escalating as necessary
•   Manage Maintenance Contracts

Business Enhancement:
•   Engage clients to improve usage - Periodically check on our existing customers to see how they are using our products and suggest ways to improve their workflow
•   Identify customers operational and business areas of weaknesses and guide them to the right resolution in support of the business
•   Assist customers to enhance their product knowledge and create efficiencies in their roles (e.g., product shortcuts, online training)
•   Update and maintain our knowledge base of common issues/queries faced by customers.
•   Conduct User Training sessions
•   Update help documents, FAQ, training manuals System Installation and Maintenance
•   Software installation, configuration, and upgrades
•   Meet with clients and manage implementation schedule
•   Perform Data migration. Prepare data for importing into applications. Execute data conversions. Work with data owners to verify and obtain approval that any transformed data retains its accuracy
•   Analysis of data from existing clients and third party software
•   Test and evaluate information. Perform testing for new modules and change requests Report Customization
•   Gather reporting requirements from customers
•   Customize system reports as per clients’ needs and requirements.
•   Create, maintain, and support complex reports (cross tabs, pivot tables, drill downs, etc.) and sub-reports with multipart formulas and customized functions

Required Skills & Knowledge

Computer Skills:
•   1 to 3 years of experience in accounting
•   1 to 3 years of experience in ERP systems
•   Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows and Outlook

Business Skills:
•   Knowledge in Business operations and processes (Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, Presales, Project Management, HR, etc..)
•   Strong working knowledge of ERP operations
•   Good Accounting knowledge is essential
•   Must have Strong problem solving skills

Education and Experience:
•   A bachelor's degree in accounting, business administration, or management information systems

Achieving Results:
•   Be aware of key business and team objectives and ensure that these are applied appropriately to all business activities

Customer Focus:
•   Excellent customer service skills. Delivers Results & Meet Customer Expectations. Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction; Sets high standards for quality and quantity; Works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; Consistently achieves project goals. Service driven individual with significant proven work experience in a customer service environment

•   Excellent communication skills (oral, written, and listening) required to respond to customer requests via telephone calls and email.

Organization & Project Management:
•   Excellent organizational skills with proven ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and to adjust to frequent changes in project priorities. Demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness to work in a fast paced, ever changing environment. Desire to develop one’s self and take advantage of opportunities to practice and enhance business/technical skills.

Analysis techniques:
•   Analyses numerical data, verbal data and all other sources of information; Breaks information into component parts, patterns and relationships; Probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem; Makes rational judgements from the available information and analysis; Produces workable solutions to a range of problems; Demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system.

Behavior and Personality:
•   Display mutual trust and confidence while contributing to an ethical and respectful culture. Commitment to excellence, team, and team building. A self-starter with the ability to work with minimal guidance in a fast-paced environment. Keeps emotions under control during difficult situations; Balances the demands of a work life and a personal life; Maintains a positive outlook at work; Handles criticism well and learns from it.