What type of support do you provide?

We provide telephone support during business hours, on-site technical support upon request (within 24 hours in case of emergency), and online ticketing system for all requests. 

Do you provide any updates or maintenance?

Ionycs is updated on a regular basis, primarily based on clients’ requests and feedback. Users subscribed to our maintenance plan will receive the updates/enhancements of the new versions. We are at your service at any moment if you have questions, requests, issues or if your needs evolve.

What are the system requirements for the user PCs?

The minimum requirement for Ionycs products to run smoothly are:
6 Gb of available disk space
4 Gb RAM Memory
Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
Processor Speed of 2.0 GHz or faster
VGA (1280x800) or higher resolution monitor
Network Infrastructure to access data

How many hours of training do Ionycs users require?

Ionycs White is very easy to learn and typically requires 1 day of training per user.

The training period for Ionycs White may vary based on the number of modules in place and the number of users.

Can we access previous years’ data while we are in current year?

Yes, Ionycs is extremely flexible and stores all of your data, allowing you to access and compare it over time without limitations.

How many users can we have? Is your ERP system scalable?

Ionycs is built with scalability in mind. Once the solution is in place, there is no limit to the number of users and functionalities you can add, none of which will slow down the system at all.

How is Ionycs licensed?

Ionycs White is a full package one lifetime license per company.

Can we export the data? In what formats?

Yes, exporting is a one-click action. You can export any view from the system in any format (excel/pdf/etc).

Can we create a document (example: Invoice) while another user is creating the same type of document?

Yes, Ionycs will enable multiple users to access and work on the same module seamlessly.

How are security and remote access issues addressed?

Ionycs uses data encryption to make sure that all data transactions are safe and secure.

What technology is Ionycs built on?

Ionycs ERP is built on the .net framework. Dot Net applications run faster and are highly secured, while remaining cost effective and versatile. With this technology, you can safely access your platform using LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Can our current data be converted to the new ERP system?

Options are available in most cases that will allow your current data to be converted to the new ERP system. Our consultants can discuss the options that are available more in-depth.

How long does it take to implement Ionycs White?

Ionycs White takes 2-4 weeks from purchase to full operation depending on the modules in place and the number of users to be trained.

Does Ionycs support cloud services? What makes web-based ERP more ideal than local server based solution?

Yes. The cloud removes all location-based boundaries, seamlessly connecting Ionycs users to their customers, suppliers, partners and branches spread across the globe.

Does Ionycs contain a CRM module?

Ionycs White offers basic CRM functionalities, which allows you to manage sales opportunities and business partners.

Does the system support Barcode for inventory management? And does it support expiry date feature for item management?

Yes, Ionycs contains an advanced inventory management system with features including Perpetual Inventory, Barcode, Expiry, Lot Numbers, Min/Max Quantity Planning, and Production.

Does it support multiple currencies?

Yes, you can choose your desired currencies at any time.

Does Ionycs Support Arabic Interface?

Yes, all languages are supported.

Does Ionycs work offline?

Ionycs requires a connection to an SQL server, which can be local or cloud.